We're On The Move!


We finally stopped renting and bought our own home.  *grin*


Please visit us at our new address:


Domain-warming presents are completely optional.  ;-)



Main:    http://www.bitchenvy.com

Tamara:    http://tamara.bitchenvy.com

Lex:    http://lex.bitchenvy.com

Tinkerbell:    http://ragingpixie.bitchenvy.com

Maayan:    http://www.divinecollective.com

The Naughty Slayer:    http://tns.bitchenvy.com

The Silken Cage:     http://thecage.bitchenvy.com

The JMB:    http://jmb.bitchenvy.com



If you have trouble accessing the new server, please e-mail Tamara and Lex at tandl@bitchenvy.com. When corresponding, please let us know WHICH PAGE YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH. Also, if you discover a bad link, please let us know where. Thanks!



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